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Unity Personal Projects

You Are So Magic

Stylish puzzle gameplay!

The classic rubik cube game with a twiste.

Differents game modes

A lot of game modes and cubes to choose.


Epic ragdoll combat !

Kick your oponent in the face, and watch him ragdoll

Victory dance !

Celebrate your victory and dance like Ricky

Exploding things !

Watermelons and pigs will explode


Get gems all across the maps !

Destruction !

Destroy fences and other props to hurt other players

Cool Effects

Explosion, kicks, slides, everything have particles ;)

Simple and Responsive movement

Walk, Jump, Slide, Kick, move how you want, when you want it

Local Multiplayer

Up to 4 players combat

CIDESO Projects

Iriss Project - GIS

Front-end project developed in AngularJS, that collects data from sensor all over the country and display them on the map.

Iriss Project - CRUD

Front-end project developed in Angular 4, that shows all the data and let you manage it.

Sitear: Augmented Reality + Unity

It's a situational awareness software that collects all the information from a Command and Control System.

Apuntador Project: Virtual Reality + Unity + Arduino

It's a project that seeks, with an approach to simulation, to train troops in an antiaircraft system. It's part of the Inmersim Project

Helicopter Demo

Demo made to demonstrate the different possibilities that exist when creating simulators for training with unity. In this you can train to be the gunner of a combat helicopter.

Batalla Virtual: Dolphin Smalltalk

It's the Argentine Army official Command and Control System simulator and client, used to train troops in military doctrine, decision-making and combat strategies and improve all the skills sets of Army Officers.

Other Unity Demos

Sacry VR Project: Unity

It's a scary demo in Virtual Reality, where the player is sitting in front of a TV and strange things happend. It's build in Unity3d using Google Cardboard API.

Soccer VR Project: Unity

It's a Soccer Header demo in Virtual Reality, where the player has to score using his head, everytime he scores, the position where he is change to a new one. It's build in Unity3d using Google Cardboard API.

Pacman VR Project: Unity

It's a pacman demo in Virtual Reality, you can move all over the map, eating the yellow balls and scaping all the "Capsule Ghosts". It's build in Unity3d using Google Cardboard API.

Freelance Projects

Virtual Gallery

Virtual Gallery: Unity + WebGL

Freelance project that put you on an art gallery where you can see and buy paintings. It was tailor-made in Unity3d and WebGL for a client to give specific characteristics desired.

Buying Paintings

You can see and buy all the paintings that are on the Gallery. There are 300 paintings per story, and 10 stories using an elevetor. All the paintings can be changed by the admin and are loaded when the app start.