Recent Work

Iriss Project - GIS

Front-end project developed in AngularJS, that collects data from sensor all over the country and display them on the map.

Iriss Project - CRUD

Front-end project developed in Angular 4, that shows all the data and let you manage it.

You Are So Magic

A game that combines the classic rubik cube puzzle with some twists and an unique art.


My first concept short game, with awesome low poly characters, amazing flying kicks and epic radgoll.

Sitear: Augmented Reality + Unity

It's a situational awareness software that collects all the information from a Command and Control System.

Apuntador Project: Virtual Reality + Unity + Arduino

It's a project that seeks, with an approach to simulation, to train troops in an antiaircraft system. It's part of the Inmersim Project

Virtual Gallery: Unity + WebGL

Freelance project that put you on an art gallery where you can see and buy paintings. This project uses custom paintings uploads from an admin webpage.

Pacman VR Project: Unity

It's a pacman demo in Virtual Reality using Google Cardboard API.

About me

I'm an Informatic Engineering student currently working as a researcher and software developer for the Argentine Army. I help developed a strategy simulation software, designed and made different prototypes for combat simulators, some of them in VR, made an situational awareness AR software and now i'm in charge of the front-end develop of a new project that involves GIS and sensors.

I love making games, now i'm working on my first title called Floki and it's using almost all of my free time, you can see all the updates and download it from my page. If i'm not making games you can find me most of the time posting geeky things on Twitter or playing Rainbow Six with my friends on Youtube.

Wanna contact me or know a little more about me ? Visit my LinkedIn account or hook me up any any social media or email !